Our story

Kalabasa market- quality food world sourced.
Kalabasa Market is the new food venue adopted after the success of Oriental Pantry supermarket Ltd, a well-known place in the heart of the city centre. Our business idea is simple, we want to bring quality food ingredients and affordable cuisines sourced from different parts of the world to Ireland. We cater a whole food experience for you in our food venue, which is just a stone’s throw from Dublin city centre. The first thing that comes to your attention after entering our market is a romantic and cozy restaurant surrounded by a stylish bar and spacious open kitchen. Moving further, you will wander around a mini underwater world with a fish aquarium and world-class fishmonger. At night, when all the lights are turned off, a beautiful piano song will be played in our most exclusive Kalabasa club. At the end of the market, you could smell different spices from the most sotiphicated gastronomy destinations in the world such as Mexico, Italy, Korea, Japan, Greece etc… All together will give you a unique food tasting experience, which can only be found at Kalabasa.

Kalabasa means pumpkin in Spanish, a famous ingredient used in many cuisines around the world. We want to celebrate the differences, the multi-culture, the distinct way of our business nature. We want to introduce “Kalabasa”, the unique social destination for food enthusiasts around the world.